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Terms of Service

The Sirlana site obeys to the terms and conditions as stated below. Please read carefully. Your use of the Site shows your willingness to accept all these terms and conditions.

These terms and conditions can be changed at any time with or without prior notice. Changes to the terms and conditions will be announced as soon as possible on this Site. When a user first access this Site after the Manager changes the rules, the user is deemed to have agreed to the new rules. The continuous use indicates your willingness to accept the terms and conditions with all the changes.

By registering, you will need to enter some data about yourself on the registration form provided. Sirlana is obliged not to sell or provide your membership data to other parties, except to the regulatory authorities if it concerns any violation of the law.

Rejection of Responsibility

The contents in writing or other forms on this Site are provided to you in the form of as is. Every effort has been made to ensure the ease of use of the site, the balance of interactions between users, and the accuracy of the latest information regarding Sirlana.

Sirlana is not responsible if there are lawsuits from any party caused including and not limited to the work you send. The trust in the information and content contained in the Site is a risk of the users of the Site itself.

The information on the Site is as far as possible made as complete and accurate as possible. However, changes to the features, rules, and ethics of writing can occur or be done at any time with or without prior notice.

In all cases, Sirlana including all parties that appointed as the manager is not responsible for any special, indirect or causal losses as a result of any use or appearance of the Site, or for any errors or omissions that exist in the contents, even though it has been notified beforehand of all possible losses.


The copyrights to all posts that are on this site or sent to this Site remain attached to the author. The writer agrees that part or all of the work in Sirlana can be read and quoted by the public.

As a copyright holder of some or all of creations, have the right to display it on other sites. If the user/writer wishes to quote part or all of the work of another person who is on the Site or outside of this site, then the original author and name of the author must be provided as the copyright holder.


Some of the links that available on the Site can lead you to sites that are owned or used independently. The information that available on these sites is the personal responsibility of the owners of the sites themselves. Sirlana does not supervise and does not accept any responsibility for the contents of these independent sites.